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People change and these things happen

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For people who say all of Taylor Swift's songs are complaints about ex-boyfriends

I got tired of telling people that this is false, so I made a list that I can refer them to from now on.
A Place In This World:the year she moved to Nashville, a girl trying to find where she belongs
The Outside:not fitting in, being on the outside looking in
Tied Together With A Smile:her friend who had bulimia
Mary's Song:her neighbors, a couple that lived next-door
Our Song:a couple doesn't have a song of their own, so the events in their lives become their song
I'm Only Me When I'm With You:being yourself around people, can apply to friends and family
Fearless:her dream first date
Breathe:losing a friend, a difficult goodbye
The Best Day:her childhood and parents
Change:being on a small record label in a huge music industry, and having to work harder to achieve big things
Today Was A Fairytale:a perfect day, self-explanatory
Back to December:an apology song to Taylor Lautner, she blames herself for ending that relationship
Speak Now:inspired by a wedding she went to with Hayley Williams from Paramore, where Hayley watched her ex-boyfriend Josh Farro get married
Mean:the critic Bob Lefsetz, bullies
Never Grow Up:not wanting to grow up so fast
Enchanted:meeting Adam Young (aka Owl City)
Innocent:forgiving Kanye West for interrupting her at the VMAs, how you're still a good person even if you make mistakes
Long Live:her band and crew and everything they've been through
Safe & Sound and Eyes Open:on The Hunger Games soundtrack
Ronan:Ronan Thompson, a little boy who died from cancer
22:having fun with her friends, written for Ashley Avignone, Dianna Agron, Claire Kislinger, and Selena Gomez
The Lucky One:a performer who walks away from stardom
Starlight:based on a photograph of Bobby and Ethel Kennedy as 17-year-olds in 1945
Girl At Home:telling a guy not to hit on her, she's not going to hook up with a guy who's cheating on his girlfriend
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Oh my, my, my, my…

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You were the boy, weren’t you—the servant boy who got us out? You saved her life and mine, then you restored her to me. Yet, you want no reward. Not anymore.

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every disney/dreamworks/20th/animation songs: Anastasia

So many lives were destroyed that night. What had always been was now gone forever. And my Anastasia, my beloved grandchild - I never saw her again.
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-¿Y de veras te gusta estudiar?

Él asintió.

-¿Por qué?

-Es lo único que sé hacer -contestó con voz queda.

Deseó decirle que también le gustaba porque era algo que podía hacer solo, porque lo que uno estudia son cosas sabidas, muertas, frías; porque las páginas de los libros de clase tienen todas la misma temperatura, lo dejan elegir a uno, nunca hacen daño ni uno puede hacerles daño a ellas… Pero se abstuvo.

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